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Empower yourself to take control of your health


At Jeeva AI, we use AI-based innovative technology to detect disease early and aware people of using correct measures to prevent the disease from affecting their usual lifestyle

The Future of Healthcare

We are revolutionizing the healthcare industry with our cutting-edge technology. Our AI algorithms can accurately diagnose respiratory problems using audio recordings of cough sounds.

Our cloud-based analytics platform utilizes advanced technology to   provide the most accurate diagnoses possible.

Advanced Technology

Our team of experts in AI and healthcare is dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers.


The price and technology are comfortable on both: your pocket and your body. No need to run here and there to get the tests done.

Our technology enables early detection of diseases, leading to improved patient outcomes and better quality of life.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Safe Hospital Environment

With use of this technology for communicable diseases, a safer environment for hospital staff can be provided

Quick Report

Get quick reports on your phone while sitting at the comfort of your couch

Environment Friendly

Our non invasive technology has no harmful effects on people and  environment friendly leaving no bio hazardous traces behind.

Our Data Dashboard


Years since the data collection


Recordings used for training


Centers being used


Disease detection Supported


Lives Improved

At Jeeva AI, we offer an unprecedented way to diagnose diseases using audio recordings of cough sounds. Our technology provides impeccable reliability and accuracy.

Join the Future of Healthcare

Revolutionary Disease Diagnosis

Are you ready to revolutionize the telehealthcare industry with us?

Contact us today to contribute your data to us.

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